Below is a selection from my NEW Premade collection. Artworks are categorized into four main categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Series III changes the pricing into a modular one. The prices now include only the ebook cover, with Paperback, branding (titles) and other options now add-ons to the main cover.​ The reason for this is that everyone has different needs. And add-on pricing makes more sense most of the time. Many authors have their own title person for branding, some don't need paperbacks,... etc. It also allows for a base entry price. For a full table of prices, click here (or scroll to end of page).

I hope you enjoy this new selection and don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in any of the artworks below for your book. More view of the artworks will be available soon. For now only the ebook, devoid of branding is shown. There will also be more artwork coming soon. 

I accept Paypal (as well as IBAN bank transfers). I can also propose payment plans and under certain conditions, royalties share (so you don't pay the initial cost of the cover, but a small percentage of your book sales)

If you have any problem with the site or have any questions: contact me now to proceed with your purchase. Thank you for your comprehension.

Scroll past the prices and all the way down to see the entire series sets of covers as well, or click here.


Stay tuned for series IV...

--== Current SERIES is SOLD OUT ==--

Paperback: +$80
Branding: +$100 for first book (+$20 for additional in same series)
Facebook Ad: +$20 / 3D Render of Paperback: +$20 / Wallpaper: +$10 (per resolution)
Box set version: +$50 / Animated Cover for social media: +$50​


$ 250

per Cover

  • Cover Only (options available) 


$ 350

per cover

  • Cover Only (options available)


$ 450

per cover

  • Cover Only (options available)


$ 625

per cover

  • Cover Only (options available)

Sold Artworks Samples (non-exhaustive exemple list for SERIES III)

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